7 Myths and Facts about Bed Wetting

7 Myths and Facts about Bed Wetting

Myth #1. Children who wet the bed must have psychological problems.
Fact #1. Bedwetting is the inability of children/teens to rouse out of their sleep.
Following success with the Night Ollie Program parents always report an increase in their child's self-esteem and confidence.

Myth #2. "We have tried everything".
Many parents have tried the following and report it doesn't work or it's not sustainable.
  • Reducing/limiting drinks near bed time
  • Lifting/dragging the child to the toilet before parent goes to bed.
  • Removing night nappy
  • Rewards systems
Fact #2. As a parent, you cannot be at camp/sleepovers all of the time. The above is often a short-term measure. The Night Ollie Program aims to sustain 100% dry beds forever.

Myth #3. Magic Pill.
Fact #3. There is NO magic pill. The Night Ollie Program will usually have the child dry within 6-8 weeks. Medication for bedwetting is no guarantee of the child remaining dry, and not many parents want their child/teen on medication.

Myth #4. Programs don't work.
Fact #4. Research proves that with guidance by an experienced practitioner the success rate is improved. Night Ollie Program boasts 98% success first time. There are many inferior products on the market with no guidance given to families.

Myth #5. Bedwetting is someone's fault…
  • mum blames herself "what have I done wrong",
  • nana blames parents " if only they would take that night nappy off",
  • dad blames child "it's just laziness".
Fact #5. Bedwetting is a no-ones fault. Children and teens simply cannot wake during the night when they need to wee.
Removing the night nappy is always worth a try, but if the child continues to wet, for sanity the night nappy should go back on and try again in a couple of months (warmer weather best).
Children and teens would not wet the bed if they could help it. They are not lazy.

Myth #6. We are the only family going through this.
Fact #6. The exact number of children/teenagers wetting the bed is very hard to gather. It is estimated around 3000 children in Victoria are wetting the bed. Many families do not seek any help, so many children/teens go undetected.

Myth #7. This dry bed solution is expensive.
Fact #7. All families report the Night Ollie Program was well worth it and now having a home free of bedwetting.
All parents reported an increase in child/teens self-esteem.All parents are overjoyed at the reduction in washing/drying. Enrolling in the Night Ollie Program means;
  • No nappies / wet beds (time and $$ saved)
  • No doctors' appointments (time and $$$ saved)

Skype/facetime ensures privacy, convenience at not having to leave home for appointments (time and $$ saved).
An experienced nurse will guide your family to success. (No wasted time and $$ on misinformation / cheaper inferior products).

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