The system worked for us - it is hard to believe at first but in 6 weeks my son who regularly wet the bed before was dry and has been dry for 2 months now!! He happily went to sleepover party last week without having to worry about wetting bed - it has been great for his confidence. So happy we invested in using the system.


I cannot speak highly enough of Linda and the team at Night Ollie - from initial consultation to the end result - I now have one dry, happy boy who wakes up in the morning.

Their expert advice, follow up emails and fast delivery service meant my son was dry within a record 6 weeks from the system being delivered!

If you are considering using Night Ollie's services, don't delay any longer - you'll be so glad you took the step to help improve your child's self confidence to go to school camps and sleepovers.

Regards, Dian
Our 14 years old son was still wetting the bed most nights. Over many years, we have tried a variety of alarms and different approaches but none seemed to work and bring consistent results. In approaching Linda at Night Ollie we were getting pretty desperate and our son was losing all hope of ever being dry. Using the pad and alarm was the best decision we made and with the help of Linda (and our doctor) our son is now consistently dry after over 8 years of trying. The feeling is amazing for the whole family and our son can now have sleepovers without needing to hide is alarm.Thank you Linda for all your help.

ND Sydney
This system is so simple and effective - my son was dry within 6 weeks. The advantage is the expertise provided by the team along the way - they know exactly how to overcome bedwetting (HINT: it's not your parenting that is 'causing' it!!). This system has worked for 2 of my friends kids as well. We emerged from this experience with a happier, more confident child who is so excited about school camp.
At age seven and a half, my son was beginning to get anxious about having sleepovers, and particularly about going on an overnight school camp because he was still wetting the bed four nights out of seven. After a just few months of using the Night Ollie program, we're all delighted that he's finally DRY! No more stinky sheets to wash, and a confident kid to boot. Thank you Night Ollie.

Hi Night Ollie it was "just like magic",

This program is the only program your child will need for night bedwetting.

My 8-year-old son had the treatment and the first few weeks were challenging but turned very successful very quickly. Within 6 weeks he had stopped bedwetting, and now 4 weeks later it is all a distant happy memory.

We strongly advise and encourage you to jump on this if you have any night wetting issues.

13/4/15 A & J NSW