Thank you. It was hard to believe in the beginning that this simple system would work, however it has worked and I am so grateful. Our daughter went to school camp on Thursday and she did not wet the bed. This is something we had spent many hours worrying about and she managed to achieve a dry night due to the help of the system. It has lifted a huge weight off my shoulders.
"To be honest when I first read the advertisement which it stated 98% effective, I was very sceptical.

My 7yo daughter was still in pull ups.

We had tried on numerous occasions, for up to 3 weeks at a time, in undies at night time, but no success. She would wet, every single night.

Linda called me and we chatted for some time. I initially wasn't going to do anything until Summer time, due to all the washing (I thought) which would have to be done.

Instead we signed up that day, and thought lets give this a go.

Well, I can say I have sent it back, and my daughter is no longer in pull ups and has been dry for 4 weeks now!

I would highly recommend this system and Linda is very supportive and wonderful.
I strongly recommend the night ollie system. my 9 year old’s nightly bed wetting was sorted within 2 weeks. i wish i’d done it years ago! lovely support, great product, effective system. it is so good not to have to buy nappy pants anymore not to mention daily washing. best of all my son is now no longer stressed about his upcoming camp. and sleepovers will be so much easier for him. thanks linda!
My daughter is almost 8 years old, she was becoming increasingly upset and frustrated with herself that she couldn't stop wetting the bed. We had tried cheaper bed alarms from Ebay, waking her during the night to use the toilet, reducing the amount of fluid she drank, all to no avail. Most nights she was wetting through her night nappy, she really noticed it when her younger cousin came to stay who didn't wear a night nappy at all, she was really upset at this stage.

I had been to the Drs a few days earlier and saw a brochure for Night Ollie, I was skeptical but rang and had a beautiful phone call with Linda, we put our name down for an alarm system and waited for it to arrive, my daughter was So excited! Once it arrived we watched the video, set it up on the bed followed the routine before going to bed and off to sleep she went. Lo and behold we had a dry night that very first night, we thought it was a fluke, the 2nd night we had another dry night. The next two nights we had wet nights but have not had one since, we are going on over a month now with no night time accidents. Something just clicked with her, she has been waking to go to the toilet during the night most nights as well as lasting the whole night. She is so proud of herself and feels amazing that she has done it with the help of Night Ollie!

Using this system along with the specified routine has changed our lives, no more night nappies, wet beds or worry about when she would be dry of a night time! We are truely grateful to have come across your brochure when we did.

Thank you to Linda and the Night Ollie system!
We are so pleased with Night Ollie and the service you provide. We had success within the first 3 nights and it has done absolute wonders for our daughters confidence and self esteem.

Our daughter has just turned 7 and she has never not wet the bed. With our other children being out of night nappies (6 and 2) she was getting frustrated and upset that, as the oldest kid, she was the one still wearing nappies. Furthermore she was starting to stress about sleepovers etc. and so we decided, as a family, that it was time to seek some help.

The process was so easy and Linda was there to help us every step of the way. This programme gave our daughter a sense of control over her own habits and really allowed her to celebrate her success and understand that this was very normal.

We are so very grateful of the help and support of Night Ollie.
I came to you at a time when I was feeling pretty overwhelmed for my 11 year old son. Up until this point we had tried different strategies with varying degrees of success, but ultimately had utilised night pants as an insurance policy.... insurance policy for my son’s dignity, my patience, convenience etc.

This was all good and well as my son took control of this, however, over time he started worrying about and avoiding sleep overs. This all culminated in to a very stressful night before his year 5 camp. My son did not want to go, just in case the night pants failed, the bed became wet and worst of all his friends found out..... needless to say he was quite distressed. This was the moment I knew we had to do something more! Linda, your personalised and professional service was exemplary. Throughout the whole process you were very supportive and provided any important and relevant information that was needed at the time. From the get-go my son embraced this program and was excited about taking control of something that he felt he had been at the mercy of for so long. Throughout the program my son had two mishaps throughout the night. Night Ollie roused him quickly at which point he then took himself to the toilet, and within a short period of time he was back asleep in bed. Night Ollie gave him confidence in himself and was empowering. Not only did night Ollie assist my son to rouse where he previously would not, it also helped to established new behaviours. Now if he needs to get up during the night, he does so!!!!

We are so stoked with this outcome and by the fact that we took this leap of faith. .......My only wish is that we had done it much earlier! After 5 or so weeks we are sleeping through and my son has greater awareness of the needs of his body.

Thank you Linda for your extensive knowledge and support and to Night Ollie for helping us to create the kind of “normal” that my son had longed for a very long time.

We got this!!!!

Cath and Keegan