I must admit, at first I was a little sceptical upon starting this program with my 9-year-old boy. 'How can the Night Ollie’s system work long term? Surely after 21 dry nights and no more Night Ollie, he will start to wet again?' Reading all the positive testimonials we decided to give it a red hot go and it was also over the tricky Christmas period with plenty of late nights out and about!

My 9 year old boy had become so anxious about wearing night nappies that he started refusing good friend sleepovers. Even cousins' houses as it was just so embarrassing to him. This broke our heart which is why it was time to act!

Well, the change in our boy is amazing!!! After 22 dry nights, we returned the system and have never looked back. It is amazing how 'magic' it is! At the beginning, our boy woke screaming which woke our teen kids and disrupted sleep for a while. However, it was essential to persist because long-term it has benefited enormously! Our 9-year-old boy now enjoys sleepovers, even initiates them and happily comes downstairs in the morning dry and confident and HAPPY!!

Thank you Night Ollie and please pass your 'magic' to others!!
Thanks again Night Ollie, truly great  stuff.  I just love the simplicity of it, and working together. 🙂

"J’s" Mum from NSW
Hi Night Ollie,

"M" is just so proud of himself and his confidence has extended into other areas of his life. He even has a little swagger now and is considering attending a camp with me which he wouldn't have done previously.

Thank you for helping my gorgeous, kind-natured and cheeky boy. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Night Ollie to anyone looking for a solution to bedwetting.

Thanks again “M” and “E" NSW 22/3/16