The Three Things That Don’t Cause Bedwetting

Constipation and day wetting or overactive bladder are NOT causes of bedwetting but are a priority to be sorted out first. Children can have one or all 3 problems Constipation is not a cause of bedwetting but is certainly a HUGE priority to get sorted. If concerned, please see your general practitioner or paediatrician. True constipation may take many months to have under control. Children are encouraged to get to know their body and taking note of their own bowel actions for a week or two. See the Bristol Stool Chart below

Day wetting can be a sign of overactive bladder (OAB) in children 7 or over. This is different from the normal toilet training stage. Day wetting is not caused by naughtiness, laziness. If your child has wet underwear most days and the distinct odour associated with it, please see your GP or paediatrician.

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