About Us

About Nightollie

Nightollie provides an ethical, compassionate, supportive and sustainable alarm treatment solution for children and teenagers. Our methods release families from the exhausting impacts of night wetting and help children and teenagers rebuild confidence and self esteem.

The Bedwetting Sound and Vibration Alarm is the real solution to STOP Bedwetting for children & teens & deep sleepers.

A comfortable, natural curative alarm treatment system that solves this global, secretive and extensive problem for children and their parents.

Our approach is sustainable and aimed to achieve positive results for children to stop bedwetting at night.

Nightollie is Australian designed and was developed with compassion and support in mind.

The Nightollie alarm is paediatrician approved, trusted, effective, proven, dependable and safe.

Founder of Nightollie - Linda Sullivan

With a background in nursing for over 30 years at the Royal Children’s hospital in Melbourne, a few things became clear while spending time in the continence clinic. How life changing it is for the whole family when a child or children stop wetting the bed at night.

I have woken up to wet sheets and begun my day scrambling for small change to wash and dry the linen at the laundromat while on holidays. I have been through sleepless nights, frustration and the confusion that comes with bedwetting.

As a parent and grandparent, I understand the value of time, and the importance of unnecessary pressures placed on us parents. It became apparent over time how difficult and time wasting it was for families to access these services; with a detrimental effect on the child. And the relatively easy solution, the bedwetting alarm with support was the key to success.

Nightollie was developed to solve bedwetting in a sensible, calming, accessible and simple approach that gives every family the opportunity to experience freedom beyond bedwetting.


Our Mission

Our mission at Nightollie is to educate and raise global awareness about bedwetting at night to help free families who are silently suffering and boost the confidence of each child.

Our Values


Nightollie is

  • Committed to the health and wellbeing of children
  • Passionate to the growth and freedom of families
  • Trusted and a proven method in the treatment of bedwetting
  • Empowering families to take action and build the self esteem and child’s confidence
  • Educating to build global awareness
  • Experienced in bedwetting for over 30 years