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How To Stop The Frustration Of Wet Sheets In 6-8 Weeks

Have a child who wets the bed? It’s one of the most challenging problems for parents as their kids grow up. Constant washing of wet sheets…embarrassment and self-esteem issues for the child…and the unnecessary family conflict as parents argue over solutions or sadly lash out at the child. It doesn’t have to be this way. The Nightollie bedwetting alarm system is proven to stop nocturnal enuresis within just 8-weeks.

  • Stop Enuresis within just 8-weeks

How To Stop The Frustration Of Wet
Sheets In 6-8 Weeks

Have a child who wets the bed? It’s one of the most challenging problems for parents as their kids grow up. Constant washing of wet sheets…embarrassment and self-esteem issues for the child…and the unnecessary family conflict as parents argue over solutions or sadly lash out at the child. It doesn’t have to be this way. The Nightollie bedwetting alarm system is proven to stop nocturnal enuresis within just 8-weeks.

Stop Enuresis within just 8-weeks

Backed by science

Accessible and affordable

How Nightollie Stops Bedwetting In 6-8 weeks

A Proven Solution Backed By Over 100 Years Of Scientific Evidence

You may not have heard of bedwetting alarms before, but they’ve been used in clinics since the early 1900’s. Nightollie just makes it accessible and affordable to use in your home. The concept is backed by the science of conditioned response. When your child urinates on the Nightollie mat, the alarm rings to wake them. Over time, they automatically link the urge to wee with waking up. Just like when you automatically reach for your phone when it starts to ring!

Stop Enuresis within just 8-weeks

Backed by science

Accessible and affordable

Why Nightollie Is The Most Affordable Way To Solve Bedwetting?



The Old Way

Affordable solution with
guaranteed results


Dry nights in 8 weeks?


Expensive visits to the GP


Expensive visits to Paediatricians


Taking time off work & school


Washing sheets every night


Sleepless nights & stress



The Revolutionary
Bedwetting Alarm


  • 1 x Sound & Vibration USB Rechargeable Alarm

  • 1 x Extra Large Surface Mat For More Protection

  • Free ‘Power To Me’ & Progress Diary

  • 8-Week Dry Nights Program

  • Free Online Educational Support With An Experienced Former Nurse

  • 1 x Power Band, A Special Gift For Your Child

Wake Up To Dry Sheets In 3 Easy Steps

Place The Nightollie
Mat Under Your Child

Simply place the large Nightollie surface mat on your child’s bed, connect the alarm device and cover with a thin cotton sheet. The surface mat is safe, flexible and can be easily washed.

The Alarm Goes Off
When It Detects Urine

When your child begins to urinate, the surface mat detects liquid and trips the alarm. Nightollie will begin vibrating and making it’s non-intrusive sound, waking your deep sleeper and also alerting you.

Your Child Links Needing To
Wee With Waking Up

Every time your child is woken by the alarm, the association with waking up and the urge to wee grows stronger. Within just 8 weeks, they will form the new habit of waking up to wee and you’ll have dry nights and a happy child.

*Eligible NDIS Clients can receive a 100% refund by purchasing Nightollie bedwetting alarm products from our website and submitting your invoice to NDIS. Night ollie is TGA certified and registered. ✓

*Only Australian Families Eligible

What People Are

I would 100% recommend this program.

This works! My beautiful daughter was a chronic bed wetter. We received the set up when she was 7.5 yrs and within 8wks she'd successfully finished the program. We were so amazed. My daughter only wet 5 times during that time. Now 18 months later and still going strong, we haven't had any problems. Her confidence now when it comes to sleepovers is wonderful to see and sheś very grateful. I would 100% recommend this program. Thank you Nightollie

Joy  |  Verified Customer

Wish I Did This Earlier

My son was a bed wetter and still wearing night pants until 8 years old. Motivation to try Nightollie came when he was having his first school sleepover. It only took a few weeks when we were consistent for it to work. He went to the sleepover with no problems and he's been dry ever since! Wish I did this earlier!

SNEHA  |  Verified Customer

Easy to Use

This product is excellent. It has solved my child’s bed wetting issue and eased his growing anxiety. I wish that I had have started it earlier. After the first 3 nights of an alarm, we have been dry ever since. It arrived quickly and was easy to use.

Sarah  |  Verified Customer


Very fast and efficient delivery . Wonderful product. Will be definitely advising my friends about how great it is. Thank you Nightollie

Amelia  |  Verified Customer

Exactly what we needed!

We had never heard about the alarms to cure bedwetting. I was very skeptical at the beginning and surprised at how well this works. The quality of this product is excellent and well priced, it has saved us hundreds of dollars. My child sleeps in a double bed and we were concerned about him rolling around and the mat not being big enough but we accessed the online trouble shooting which helped immensely and gave us the solution we needed. The oversized mat was perfect.

Paul K  |  Verified Customer

Life Changing!!!!

I knew there was nothing else wrong with my child as this was a genetic problem for us. I didn’t want to go down the medical path with unnecessary tests that I know my friends have done. We have had a few stops and starts but overall the progress has been amazing and cross our fingers to date. We have been dry for 3 weeks in a row. My child adores the concept of the alarm/ mat and it makes her feel safe at night. This has saved our family so much money, absolutely worth every dollar.

Kazzi  |  Verified Customer

Pricey, but effective

I like that if you were just looking into the room, you wouldn't know what the alarm was for, heck you may even just think it's a sound machine piece or a toy. I found it to become effective for my son about 3-4 weeks into its use. We haven't had to use it for a few weeks now. I'll be keeping it for the younger 2 kids just in case.

mom of two  |  Verified Customer

Great Invention

Although this is a very pricey item, it has been doing its' job and helping my child build up confidence. He is learning to be extra prepared before he goes to bee and making sure he goes to the bathroom just before he goes to sleep. If he happens to start having an accident the alarm rings loud and since he doesn't like the noise, he gets up and goes to the bathroom before a bigger accident happen.

DC  |  Verified Customer

It works

The idea is that your youngster is now sleeping while peeing. This will start waking them up so they realize where they're heading, and they'll often stop in the middle of their journey to relieve themselves. However, they will no longer sleep through it and will begin to wake up while going to the toilet. In the long run, the goal is for them to wake up before going to the toilet, and this will undoubtedly aid in wiring that into their heads.

Mat Lon Thui  |  Verified Customer

Great product, effective system

To be honest, when I first read the advertisement which stated it was 98% effective, I was very skeptical. My 3yo son was still in pull-ups. We had tried on numerous occasions, for up to 3 weeks at a time, in undies at night time, but no success. He would wet, every single night. Instead, we thought let’s give this a go. Well, I can say my son is no longer in pull-ups and has been dry for 4 weeks now! I would highly recommend this.

Bernardo Family  |  Verified Customer

Great design, easy set up, gives you a sense of relief

Nightollie's Bedwetting Alarm For children is a great idea and tool that help us greatly. The alarm uses Sound, Light & Vibration to help my daughter understand that she needs to get up and go! The moisture sensor in our bedwetting alarm connects with the alarm unit through a transmitter. The base unit sits on our dresser close to the child but also close enough for us to hear. Again this is a great tool that helped pull my daughter out of her sleep and gives her more time to get the bathroom. We also enjoy the booklet 'Power To Me' which was included to help with positive reinforcement throughout training. Our bedwetting alarm is instrumental in training our child!

XennialLife  |  Verified Customer

Great for incontinence, not just for kids!

I got this to use for an adult in my house and it works great. They suffer from incontinence and often wake up soaked which is upsetting to them and can cause skin breakdown. This alarm is perfect to alert them when it first happens to prevent further health issues from happening. It was easy to set up and works great for us.

ShiningHiker  |  Verified Customer

Nice bedwetting alarm

I got this bedwetting alarm for my son. He sometimes would have an accident during the long night. So this alarm is easy to set up and are in good quality. It does work and wake up my son during the light when he needs to go to bathroom. It is working and helping my son to adjust his body to notice he needs to go to bathroom during night sleep. Not bad!

Kenny  |  Verified Customer

Helpful for my 5yo old

Nightollie Bed wetting alarm is a quick, easy and effective tool designed to help your child control bedwetting. The device is equipped with a sound and vibration alarm with a USB recharging option. All you need to do is to place the mat with the device on the bed of your child and connect it to the alarm. On detecting urine, the alarm will go off and wake the child. Regular use of the alarm will encourage the child to wake on their own before wetting the bed as a form of internal stimuli. Experts have observed that it takes a maximum of 8 weeks for the child to get rid of their bedwetting tendency after using the device. The visual appeal makes it easy for children to adapt to it. My 5-year-old proudly informs me that the alarm didn't go off on the nights it doesn't. I personally think it helps eliminate anxiety and shame because the alarm is not a person and he doesn't feel bad when the alarm wakes him up. He instantly stops peeing and calls me to take him to the bathroom so he can finish relieving himself. We have been using this mat for a few months and the number of incidents has gone from several times a week to once biweekly.

LaVid  |  Verified Customer

Bedwetting Alarm

If your child was a bedwetting issue that is caused by sleeping deeply and they urinate in their sleep - then this is a good alarm system to wake them up to goto the bathroom.

Michael  |  Verified Customer

Great Product!

Absolutely fantastic product. Looks very calming and not intrusive at all in our child’s bedroom. Came well boxed and seems like a well designed and thought through product. Wishing we had of found this sooner

Anonymous  |  Verified Customer

Very Effective

The setup was easy and something I think most parent's could figure out. The instructions are good and I do think even more technology challenged people could follow the instructions in the manual and get it set up in a reasonable amount of time. If your child still sleeps in a toddler bed or twin bed the mat is large enough.Overall I do think this is a good system and after doing research on the method it appears to be very effective and something studies back as and effect method of helping with those heavy sleepers.

Alice  |  Verified Customer

Positive Change

It does perform as expected. Actual results won't be attained overnight. It's a gradual process, so patience and understanding are key. In fact, they provide a booklet, ""Power to Me"" which helps provide positive reinforcement during the training process. I feel it's a good, smart, comprehensive process to deal with a bed wetting instance. Keep in mind that the product is intended for children 7 years and older. Overall, it's a very credible and well designed product.

Anonymous  |  Verified Customer

It's Perfect

This works perfectly! Put it in my little nephews bed who's having a hard time getting up at night to go to the bathroom. He just sleeps thru it and later wakes up covered in pee sadly. He's been so embarrassed and wants to do better we can tell so we got him this to help him out. As with any kid with this problem, we have a mattress protector on the bed so we put this on over that and then the sheet and sprayed some water with a squirt bottle to test it out. It didn't take much at all to trigger the alarm which was nice. Actual use: he's had a couple accidents with it installed and it's woken him up gently each time. Doesn't scare him or anything. One time he was able to run to the nearby bathroom and do most of his business there. The first time he didn't quite make it. But he is showing progress quickly it seems! I think this is a terrific device and seems very well made! A bit pricey but It's worth it for how well it works!

Anonymous  |  Verified Customer

Absolutely Helps

The idea behind this is that your child currently sleeps while peeing. This will start waking them up so they know they're going and often they can stop mid stream and run to the bathroom to finish relieving themselves. But now they won't sleep thru it and they'll start waking up when going to the bathroom. In time the idea is for them to wake up BEFORE going to the bathroom and this will absolutely help wiring that into their minds. Eventually they'll be able to wean off of this but this absolutely helps kids struggling with bed wetting issues!

Anonymous  |  Verified Customer

It Works

Anyone who has a child that wets the bed knows how frustrating it is, and I know personally I would try anything to get it to stop. We have tried tons of products and various recommendations without much luck. Most of the products just make it easier to clean up but don’t actually help stop it from happening! So when I came across this Nightollie I was intrigued and excited to give it a try.

Mel  |  Verified Customer

Easy to Use

This product is pretty easy to set up. You get a cute little owl alarm which you attach via a cable to the sensor mat that goes under your child, under a thin sheet. When wetness is detected, the alarm goes off. There are also flashing lights and vibrations to ensure your child wakes up.

Anonymous  |  Verified Customer

Best Product

We have been using this system for about a week now and have already seen improvements in bed wetting and frequency. This works by waking the child by alarm and vibration. It only works when it senses bedwetting. However after a few nights of use he had be waking up more often to use the bathroom instead of peeing and setting off the alarm. I asked my child if he thought it was working and he said yes. It is very loud and annoying so he really doesn't want to set the alarm off. Instead he stays dry longer and more often. This is the best product we have found to help prevent bedwetting. It also comes with a journal and health book to encourage him to stop bedwetting. This is really helpful because my son is very self conscious about this problem. This has helped him take responsibility for the bedwetting and helped him stay dry more often. After a few more weeks he may not need it anymore.

Michelle  |  Verified Customer

Mutli Purpose Alarm

Disclaimer: I am an adult with epilepsy. Sometimes seizures can be super obvious, but sometimes absence seizures or partial complex seizures come with a super annoying side effect of bedwetting. Waterproof mattress covers are essential, but if there is no one awake when an absence seizure happens in a deep sleeper and a bedwetting accident happens, that bed might stay wet for hours. An alarm helps. A lot. With this alarm the epileptic's bed partner is alerted to the accident immediately and can handle the situation because most likely they cannot. It works. It is simple technology.

NVan  |  Verified Customer

Very Satisfied

My kids both wet the bed at times age 8 and 10, and the 8 year old hasn't grown out of diapers. They were both very curious when I said the Nightollie was coming to help. Easy to set up, and both children tried it out. Didn't have any false alarms that I read in other reviews due to sweat. Multiple nights when my 8 year old would pee in the bed the owl would wake us up and we got up to go to the toilet. Seems to be working well. We will continue to use the product, and are very satisfied..

Mrs. M  |  Verified Customer


There is no one perfect solution for bed wedding. My wife an I are not healthcare professionals yet worked for years in healthcare education. We believe self esteem in key. The word “alarm” can itself be alarming yet Nightollie is well thought out and does a good job of lowering intimidation and any perceived shame over the system. It’s geared to seven and older yet some kids may feel the motif is too “childish” for their age. The support portal is truly helpful, too.

Johnny  |  Verified Customer

It Really works!

I have had incontinence and chronic bladder infections since I was a pre-teen. I've always wondered if it was related to poor habits made as a child regarding using the bathroom. This product helps kids to change their behavior and prevent bigger problems in the future. It really works! Give it 6-8 weeks, it's not a miracle overnight cure. It's easy to set up , blends right in (their friends won't notice if they come over to play). It really works!

J.  |  Verified Customer

I adore it !

As a mom of 6 this thing is super awesome. I adore it. It works. My oldest has issues with bed wetting and it makes him self conscious. He sleeps right through it, something he inherited from me (often times bedwetting is an inherited trait, I did the same until I was 10).

DR. T. Smith  |  Verified Customer

Your Step-By-Step
To End
Bedwetting Forever

Watch the short video to see the science behind the Nightollie Bedwetting Alarm in action. This is just one of dozens of educational videos available to help you solve bedwetting faster when you invest in a system for your child.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Nightollie?

There is nothing like it in the marketplace. Night Ollie can have your child or teenager on the Night Ollie system within days. No doctor’s appointments. You don’t even have to leave home! We provide clear instructions and online support.

What is the process?

Be sure your child is ready to begin. Does he/she want to stop wetting the bed or stop wearing a night nappy? For the parent, ensure you are committed to helping your child particularly in the first 2 weeks, as your nights will be disrupted and may increase washing! A Nightollie Diary and a Nightollie “Power To Me” Program is sent home to keep track of progress.

What is the best age
to start my child?

Recent studies suggest that 7, 8, and 9-year-olds will respond and become dry within 6-8 weeks with a minimal chance of relapse. Children over 10-year-olds to teen years can achieve becoming dry within this same period. However, the initial achievement of 21-days-dry (which is an essential part of the process) may take a little longer.’

Enjoy Sleep Overs
Without The
Fear Of An ‘Accident’