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Night Ollie Bedwetting Alarm System

Wake Up Dry With The Australian Breakthrough Alarm System, Clinically Proven To Stop Enuresis In Forever In Just 8 Short Weeks - Or Your Money Back! Designed for Children Aged 7+

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Dry Nights In 8 Weeks Or Its Free

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Wish I Did This Earlier

It only took a few weeks when we were consistent for it to work. My son went to the sleepover with no problems and he's been dry ever since! Wish I did this earlier!


I would 100% recommend this program.

My beautiful daughter was a chronic bed wetter. Now her confidence now when it comes to sleepovers is wonderful to see and she’s very grateful.


Easy to Use

Night Ollie has solved my child’s bed wetting issue and eased his growing anxiety. I wish that I had have started it earlier. After the first 3 nights of an alarm, we have been dry ever since.


  • Non-intrusive rechargeable character alarm
  • Large surface mat for more bed coverage
  • High sensitivity urine detection sensors
  • Loud sound & vibration to wake deep sleepers
  • Easy to wipe clean waterproof mat
  • TGA and FDA Certified
  • Safe power
  • Portable
  • Download user manual
  • 1 x Sound & Vibration USB Rechargeable Alarm
  • 1 x Extra Large Surface Mat For More Protection
  • 1 x “Power To Me” & Progress Diary
  • 8-Week To Dry Nights Program
  • 1 x Power Band, A Special Gift For Your Child
  • Free Online Educational Support With An Experienced Former Nurse

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Our educational portal will guide you to understand more about bedwetting and the use of alarm system and supports you with trouble shooting.

Our customers have unlimited access to our educational portal.

Why Night Ollie?

There is nothing like it in the marketplace. Night Ollie can have your child or teenager on the Night Ollie system within days. No doctor’s appointments. You don’t even have to leave home! We provide clear instructions and online support.

What is the process?

Be sure your child is ready to begin. Does he/she want to stop wetting the bed or stop wearing a night nappy? For the parent, ensure you are committed to helping your child particularly in the first 2 weeks, as your nights will be disrupted and may increase washing! A Night Ollie Diary and a Night Ollie “Power To Me” Program is sent home to keep track of progress.

What is the best age to start my child?

Recent studies suggest that 7, 8, and 9-year-olds will respond and become dry within 6-8 weeks with a minimal chance of relapse. Children over 10-year-olds to teen years can achieve becoming dry within this same period. However, the initial achievement of 21-days-dry (which is an essential part of the process) may take a little longer.’

Why Bedwetting Is A Serious Problem After 7 Years Old

Wetting the bed is normal. But after age 7, it becomes a real problem, for children and for parents. Getting up in the middle of the night to take them to the toilet…changing wet sheets almost every morning…the guilt, shame and embarrassment…and the stress and conflict it creates within your family. Luckily, bedwetting can easily be solved within just 8 weeks.

The Science Behind The Night Ollie Bedwetting Alarm System

Night Ollie is an innovative bedwetting alarm system which uses the science of conditioned response. When your child urinates on the Night Ollie mat, the alarm rings to wake them. Over time, they automatically link the urge to wee with waking up. This action becomes ingrained, just like when you automatically reach for your phone when it starts to ring. Bedwetting alarms have been used in clinics since the early 1900’s…yet Night Ollie makes the technology easy, affordable and accessible from home without the embarrassment of an intimidating clinic.

A Safe And Sustainable Way To Solve Bedwetting In Just 8 Weeks

Night Ollie was developed by Linda Sullivan after she spent over 30 years working as a nurse. Working in the continence ward,she saw firsthand the struggle…and the emotional and financial toll bedwetting could have on families. Taking days off work and school to visit specialists…paying for expensive clinic visits…and the worry of other kids finding out and the bullying that follows. Night Ollie gives you the proven scientific method used in clinics – with the comfort and privacy of your home. It’s safe, natural, and solves 98% of cases within 8 weeks.

Everything you need for a
dry nights sleep


Large Surface Mat For More Protection

Bed Wetting Alarm

Enjoy greater protection even if your child moves, with the largest surface mat in the industry.


Sound & Vibration USB Rechargeable Alarm


Power To Me & Progress Diary


Free Online Educational Support

Wake Up To Dry Sheets In 3 Easy Steps

Place The Night Ollie
Mat Under Your Child

Simply place the large Night Ollie surface mat on your child’s bed, connect the alarm device and cover with a thin cotton sheet. The surface mat is safe, flexible and can be easily washed.

The Alarm Goes Off
When It Detects Urine

When your child begins to urinate, the surface mat detects liquid and trips the alarm. Night Ollie will begin vibrating and making it’s non-intrusive sound, waking your deep sleeper and also alerting you.

Your Child Links Needing To
Wee With Waking Up

Every time your child is woken by the alarm, the association with waking up and the urge to wee grows stronger. Within just 8 weeks, they will form the new habit of waking up to wee and you’ll have dry nights and a happy child.

Dry Nights In 8 Weeks
Or It's FREE!

We are so confident that the Night Ollie Bedwetting Alarm will stop your child’s bedwetting that if you're not seeing any dry nights or change within 8 weeks, then we will refund your entire purchase. Hassle free and only an email away.

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Customer Reviews

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Absolutely Helps

The idea behind this is that your child currently sleeps while peeing. This will start waking them up so they know they're going and often they can stop mid stream and run to the bathroom to finish relieving themselves. But now they won't sleep thru it and they'll start waking up when going to the bathroom. In time the idea is for them to wake up BEFORE going to the bathroom and this will absolutely help wiring that into their minds. Eventually they'll be able to wean off of this but this absolutely helps kids struggling with bed wetting issues!

Best Product

We have been using this system for about a week now and have already seen improvements in bed wetting and frequency. This works by waking the child by alarm and vibration. It only works when it senses bedwetting. However after a few nights of use he had be waking up more often to use the bathroom instead of peeing and setting off the alarm. I asked my child if he thought it was working and he said yes. It is very loud and annoying so he really doesn't want to set the alarm off. Instead he stays dry longer and more often. This is the best product we have found to help prevent bedwetting. It also comes with a journal and health book to encourage him to stop bedwetting. This is really helpful because my son is very self conscious about this problem. This has helped him take responsibility for the bedwetting and helped him stay dry more often. After a few more weeks he may not need it anymore.

Great Product!

Absolutely fantastic product. Looks very calming and not intrusive at all in our child’s bedroom. Came well boxed and seems like a well designed and thought through product. Wishing we had of found this sooner

Very Effective

The setup was easy and something I think most parent's could figure out. The instructions are good and I do think even more technology challenged people could follow the instructions in the manual and get it set up in a reasonable amount of time. If your child still sleeps in a toddler bed or twin bed the mat is large enough.Overall I do think this is a good system and after doing research on the method it appears to be very effective and something studies back as and effect method of helping with those heavy sleepers.

It Works

Anyone who has a child that wets the bed knows how frustrating it is, and I know personally I would try anything to get it to stop. We have tried tons of products and various recommendations without much luck. Most of the products just make it easier to clean up but don’t actually help stop it from happening! So when I came across this Nightollie I was intrigued and excited to give it a try.

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Your Bedwetting Issue Forever

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We are so confident that the Night Ollie Bedwetting Alarm will stop your child’s bedwetting that if you're not seeing any dry nights or change within 8 weeks, then we will refund your entire purchase. Hassle free and only an email away.

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